Flowers & More in Acrylic & Mixed Media

Since before the May 2017 workshop that I taught, I’ve been using Yupo or canvas instead of watercolor paper to create mixed media.

Some of the media I’m using: acrylic inks and Golden High Flow acrylics, alcohol inks, acrylic pens, watercolor crayons, colored pencils, sharpies, white acrylic, white pens…

So I thought I’d post some of my mixed media creations. Some of these have been revised after a few months..sometimes I just keep seeing the flaws and possibiilties and have to take action.

Roses She Said. And Yo-Yos (on Yupo – revised)
Joie de Vivre (on Yupo – revised)
Leaves in a Caterpillar Vase (canvas)
Beaker with Flowers (on canvas board)
Living Gold (yupo)
Nectar Lover (yupo)
Pink Radiance (yupo)



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